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Red Tea Detox Overview:

This program is made available by Liz Swann Miller who is a naturopath. She’s very popular for her other products which are available on amazon. Liz claims that you would be able to lose 14 pounds in 14 days by following the routine she has provided in the ebook. She herself lost around 41 pounds. As the product is called red tea detox, so obviously, she provides step by step method on how to make it. In addition, there’s also guide for what to eat and what not to.

The ebook revolves around the concept that weight loss is related to detoxifying. So, by removing the toxins from your body results into faster metabolism and faster metabolism leads to burning of extra fat store in the body. She says that the harmful ingredients in junk food causes our body to slow down


What Does It Offer:

It is a ebook which is available immediately right after buying it. The ebook includes the secret recipe to make red tea and similar other recipes. The ebook covers all the topics like the diet to follow, background information and all the other necessary information. The ebook is much focused on the topic of toxins which is something I found to be really useful.


There are total 3 phases mentioned in the red tea detox program. Each phase is described properly in terms of what to eat and what to drink and also what time to eat, so you can achieve maximum weight loss.


Phase 1: This phase last for 5 days and is focused on cleansing and detoxing your gut. This phase will result into quick loss of weight around 5 to 10 pounds.

Phase 2: This is the shortest phase and involves very less intakes.

Phase 3: This phase is all about healing your liver which was damaged by the toxins we have consumed from junk food.


The Red Tea:

You will be drinking red tea six glasses a day. The ingredients to make red tea are easily available at health food store. Preparing it is very easy and takes hardly 30 minutes. The recipe is for 6 cups but you can extend it to make more glasses to save time.