Vitiligo is a skin disease that results into white patches appearing on the skin. The consequence of this condition is that a person goes through alot of mental stress & depression. I have seen this personally as one of my close friend has gone through the same condition. So, now lets dive into natural vitiligo treatment system review. I will be as detailed as possible as I had bought this ebook for my close friend.

Before getting into the review let me clear out few things. Firstly, there is no 100% cure for vitiligo. The condition can only be reduced drastically by scientific methods or by natural methods. Secondly, I am writing a unbiased review about this product. I will try my best to list down the pros and cons of this ebook.

What causes vitiligo is still undetermined but many of the doctors have accepted the fact that vitiligo occurs when the cells that make pigment (Melanocytes) either die or stop producing melanin. If you don’t know what melanin is then let me tell you that it is a pigment that gives color to your skin. Following are the reasons that causes melanocytes to stop functioning normally:

1. Genetic Inheritance: If any of your family member had this condition, then you are likely to inherit this skin disease.

2. Event Triggers: Stress, exposure to harmful chemicals, sunburn are some of the reasons that may cause vitiligo to trigger. However, there can be more reasons that can cause trigger.

3. Auto Immune Disease: This is case, the immune system of our body starts to attack the melanocytes in the skin as body thinks them as infection.

There are several traditional treatment that can be used to reduce the skin condition. However, we will focus on the natural ways to treat it.

As I said earlier my closest friend was suffering from vitiligo, we had to find a way to get rid of it. The traditional methods include topical treatments, therapies, surgery which had to taken for over 6 months to see small changes. These treatment were not cheap. Approximate cost for these treatment was over $10,000 per year. Also, there were severe side effects from these treatments. So, my family doctor had recommended the natural vitiligo system as it was the cheapest option available, had no side effects & the condition could be reduce upto 90%.

The ebook works around the concept that there is a strong connection between our lifestyle and vitiligo. The book teaches you about causes of vitiligo, what lifestyle & diet changes you should do to get rid of vitiligo. In this way you are fighting against vitiligo without any dangerous side effects. The ebook consist of only 60 pages but the quality of information is too good.

Following are the chapter that it contains:

1. Vitiligo overview, symptoms, risks & classification

2. Detection of Vitiligo

3. Treatment for Vitiligo

4. Choosing a treatment option.

I had personally read this book and it is pure gold. Following were some of the topics I read that really help me understand vitiligo.

1. Traditional treatments that can worsen vitiligo.

2. How immune system and vitiligo are connected.

3. Certain food contains harmful elements that can cause vitiligo.

4. How we can re-pigment our skin.

5. What cosmetics to avoid that can cause the skin condition.

6. Vitamins & minerals that should be part of our diet to eliminate vitiligo.

7. Lifestyle habits to follow.

8. Combination of natural & holistic foods to treat vitiligo.


Michael Dawson

Natural vitiligo treatment system has been written by Michael Dawnson. He is a biomedical researcher & nutrition specialist. He has devoted years in researching about vitiligo. The reason for such devotion was that he was himself a vitiligo sufferer and was tired of the non effective methods that were available to treat vitiligo. After curing his condition, he made the treatment system available for all. His methods are more focused towards natural treatments.


1. The most important thing is that all the methods mentioned are natural & holistic methods and will have negligible side effects.

2. The chapters are laid down properly without creating any confusion

3. The ebook is priced at cost effective price. I bought for $175 but after digging up the internet I found the coupon link which makes the ebook available for $37 for 24 hours. You can find this at the end of the post.

4. The guide focuses on different aspects to cure the skin condition. It focuses on eating right food, reducing stress, taking the right vitamins, doing the right exercises, meditation and much more. In turn, reducing the vitiligo as fast as possible

5. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. The main reason why I bought was money back guarantee only because the internet is filled with alot of low quality book but this turned out to be completely legit.

6. You get will 3 months assistance directly from the author incase you get stuck anywhere. I talked with him and he seems as supportive as possible.


1. Some of the terms used in the guide are difficult to understand. However, they won’t interfere in understanding the most critical chapters of the book. Personally, I never felt the need to understand everything deeply. Following the instructions would suffice.

2. You will have to get disciplined as the guide is focused on changing your food habits, lifestyle. This is really important, as the results depends on the discipline you maintain. My close friend had trouble the first week following the new routine. But with time it became a regular habit.


The routine provided by the book is really effective if you follow it perfectly. My buddy struggled initially to follow the guide but once it became a habit it really helped him reduce his vitiligo. The patches vanished from the visible parts of the body. Few patches were left on the back though. Now, I do see him more happier with his condition cured around 90% and less stressed about his condition.

So, should you go with this book ? Absolutely, yes! Before getting into the traditional treatment you should rather go with this system as it is relatively cheaper. The traditional treatments cost can go over $10,000 per year but this book I had bought for $175.

I have done some digging on the internet and found coupons on some deal websites where this book is available for $37 instead of $175. Here’s the coupon link. CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE THE COUPON. Please see that the coupon can expire at any time and if it available then it makes the ebook available for $37 only for 24 hours.

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