Someone wise once told me that no matter how much you plan for it; pregnancy will keep throwing surprises at you.


Hi! My name is Louisa. Imagine my fallacy, I actually shunned that advice and believed that I had it all sorted.

I had done my research.

I was prepared for the nausea, I was aware of the random mood swings, I knew I would gain a lot of water weight as my body prepared to nurture the newborn.

But, what I wasn’t prepared for, was the cravings. I was having the most insane food cravings at random times of the day.

The fact that my doctor had asked me to rest following an unexpected blood pressure hike and a risk of preeclampsia, didn’t help either.

I was gorging on just about anything that I felt like eating. Things that I had never eaten before.

And before I even realized, I had gained a whopping 60 lbs. during those 9 months.

You’ll lose it all’

I started to get a little paranoid. So friends and close ones chimed in with their billion-dollar fitness tips.

Oh don’t you worry. You will lose that weight immediately after childbirth’

It’s normal.’

That’s just water weight. You don’t even need to exercise to lose it’

This time, I took the advice and got all optimistic about losing the extra weight I’d gained.

My munchkin was born in Nov. A healthy baby girl of 7 pounds and 12 ounces. I was over the moon.

After the first few weeks of euphoria, I was back to business.

I started to track the weighing scale which seemed to be stuck at a place like an Alabama tick.

I slowly started to resume my daily walks, which helped. But only a little.

Six months passed. I had lost just 12 lbs. of the 60 that I’d gained and I was getting desperate.

None of the old clothes would fit.

Dorie, my neighbor who’d had a baby just seven months before me looked like one of those bikini models you see on Instagram. Which made me feel even worse.

Finally, I mustered enough courage and asked her the secret behind her fast postpartum weight loss.

That’s when she mentioned about the Maxi Climber.

Enter the Maxi Climber: My Review

The name instantly rung a bell. I was sure that I had seen a late night infomercial or read about it in some magazine.

And I thought to myself, ‘Oh, this is one of those as-seen-on-TV gizmos. No way I am falling for that!’

I told Dorie that I was skeptical about buying overpriced machines because I had a fancy treadmill at home which was now a glorified drying rack for clothes.

Dorie though, swore by the effectiveness of the climber. She attributed at least 60% of her weight loss to the climber alone and the rest to healthy nutrition.

Moreover, she said that it’s neither overpriced nor fancy. It’s old school, low impact stair climbing.

Finally, after a lot of thought, I decided to give it a shot. Hell, what did I have to lose anyway except tons and tons of fat?

My first reaction was to buy it off the official website which has a 30-day trial program for $20 plus an additional $25 for shipping and handling, which is mentioned in microscopic text.

But after running some comparisons, I realized that this was a sneaky way to charge you an extra $50, if you actually end up buying the Maxi Climber from them.

I found it at a discounted rate on Amazon. And it was delivered in three days flat. Bliss! You can check here if it is available

maxiclimber box

Unboxing the Maxi Climber

The Maxi Climber was delivered on to our doorstep in a box large enough to accommodate my old Chevy trailblazer. Kind of scared me to be honest.

I was sure that I’d need half the neighborhood to help me haul it upstairs.

But when I lifted the box, it was pleasantly light. I’d say less than my Snapper push behind mower for sure.

I carried it easily, unboxed it and noticed that there was zero protection used for side impacts. Duh!

Thankfully, none of the parts were broken or scratched.

It comes almost preassembled. Just a couple of parts here and there to attach together and you are all set to rock and roll.

Took me all of 15 minutes to set it up all by myself.

first impression

My first impression of the Maxi Climber

Having exercised in a gym all my life, my first impression of the Maxi Climber was that I had probably flushed my money down the drain.

Here was an innocuous looking machine with a footprint so small that it could easily be accommodated in a corner of the room.

How good could it possibly be?

Boy oh boy, was I in for a surprise!

So, I hopped on and hoped to do a 10-minute test climbing session.

Test Attempt #1

To my utter dismay, it took me 15 minutes to get used to placing my feet correctly. And I couldn’t go all out on it. But I could instantly feel the burn starting to build up in my core and my glutes.

Unfortunately, the baby monitor beeped and I had to stop the test session mid-way.

Test Attempt #2

The next morning, I was ready to put it through the motions.

So, I hopped on to it and started the climb.

3 minutes later, I was panting like a dog on the club chair as far from the Maxi Climber as I could possibly be!

Wow! This thing was for real and it whopped my ass in less than 3 minutes.

At that instant, I felt like running out of my home, jumping the fence into Dorie’s and giving her a bear hug.

I knew that this would work. I was glad that I picked it up from Amazon when it was at sale. You can check here

weight loss journey

My weight loss plan begins – Week 1

After consulting a nutritionist, I narrowed down on a calorie deficit plan that would help boost my results while the Maxi Climber torched the stored fat.

I ensured that I wasn’t missing out on my macros. Neither should you, especially if you are nursing your baby. Just eat healthy and workout like a beast.

I stripped down, took pictures, weighed myself (185 lbs.) and hopped on to the Maxi Climber.

On day 1, I could barely finish 5 minutes before I was back on the couch, sweating and panting.

By the time it was day 5, I was starting to feel a lot better. The workout was still grueling mind you. It’s just that my body was starting to adapt to the torture.

Each day, I would drag myself out of bed with extremely sore leg and glute muscles. But you have to work through the pain to supersede it.

End of week 1, weighed myself and it showed 181 lbs.

4 lbs. It wasn’t great. But it wasn’t bad either. It was more than what I had lost in a week in the past year and a half.

Week 2

Week 2 started on a very positive note. The massage therapy on the weekend had really helped the body heal faster.

And I hadn’t slipped from the diet on the weekend which further motivated me.

There was just minor soreness near the hamstring. But that was nothing compared to what the first week was.

I upped the workout time to 7 minutes in the first three days of the week.

In the mirror, I could see a noticeable difference in the shape of my legs and my arms. Everything looked more defined now. The jelly belly was still the same though. But I knew that it was early days.

On day 5, the soreness became unbearable. So much so that I could barely lift my leg to climb. I was petrified that I accidentally tore a ligament.

But a quick check up revealed that everything was fine.

The doctor recommended a couple of days of rest and asked me to start with Fish Oil and L-Glutamine.

End of week 2 – 174 lbs.

Total weight loss so far – 10 lbs. I couldn’t stop smiling and was just waiting to hop on to the Maxi Climber again.

Week 3

All the muscle soreness was now gone. Thanks to Levine, the masseur for her help.

I was on week 3 and it was time to increase my calorie deficit by 100 calories.

And I upped the workout time to 12 minutes within the first three days.

The fish oil seemed to help a lot with the joint lubrication as well.

Dorie shared her favorite Maxi Climber workout routine from Rosalie Brown, which was an absolute beast.

It used a combination of high intensity training and medium intensity exercises to amplify your heart rate.

End of week 3 – 170 lbs.

Total weight loss so far – 14 lbs.

Week 4

Finally, I was working out for 15-18 minutes each day on the Maxi Climber and the best part is that your body never gets used to the workouts.

It never gets easier. If it does, just up the time that you work out for or increase your intensity.

Whenever I started to feel bored, I used to source some new maxi climber workouts from online forums and communities and test them out.

Somewhat like the 21-day Maxi Challenge. And the maxi climber always manages to surprise me with its effectiveness.

End of week 4 – 165 lbs.

Total weight loss in a month – 19 lbs.

That is an achievement that I am proud of. I feel that it’s still early days in my weight loss journey and I have a long way to go.

But I couldn’t be more pleased with my results so far.

maxi climber

What I loved about the Maxi Climber

Having said that, there’s a lot of skepticism about the effectiveness of the Maxi Climber, mainly because of the way it is advertised.

I bet you thought about it exactly like I did. If it’s advertised in late night infomercials, it’s got to be a gimmick.

Here are my two cents about the machine.

Perfect for home use: If you are a mother like me to an infant or to young kids in general, then you know the drill. Life is a cauldron of unplanned surprises and you can never have a fixed schedule to workout. So save yourself the annual gym donation money and use it something like this instead. The Maxi Climber is perfect for home use. You can start off with just 5-10 minutes of workout per day and still see results.

It’s compact: The maxi climber is a compact machine. It doesn’t take more than 3 square feet of space making it perfect for small apartments as well.

It’s easy to use: Unlike full body workout machines that contain tons of cables, levers and buttons to set up, the Maxi Climber comes almost preassembled. And it’s a no-brainer. Just step on it and start those mountain climbers.

It’s height adjustable: Irrespective of whether you are 6’3, like my husband or 5’4 like me, the Maxi Climber gives you the same workout because it is height adjustable.

It’s stable: I spoke to a few people on an online bodybuilding forum while researching about Maxi Climber workouts who claimed that the machine was rickety and wobbly. Well, I can only say that it’s not Maxi Climber they are talking about. My husband is 200 pounds. He hasn’t felt it wobble one bit and he really goes hard at it. Maybe they bought some cheap Chinese knock off.

It’s low impact: If you have ever climbed stairs, you know how severe it can be on your knees especially after you have climbed the first few floors. Maxi Climber gives you the same workout minus the impact on your joints.

It burns double the calories as compared to a treadmill: That’s what the manufacturers claim. Heck, I believe it. I have seen results. While I haven’t been able to compare the results with a treadmill, it’s the best thing that has happened to me yet, in home workout routines. If you work out intensely, you lose weight. Period.

You can up the intensity: You are only limited by the intensity with which you perform these workouts. If you feel that your weight loss is hitting a plateau, you need to up the intensity. Simple.

You can do HIIT: Maxi Climber is the only machine that has made HIIT interesting enough for me to stick to it. I tried doing Beachbody HIIT programs and quit midway because they were too severe on my joints. With Maxi Climber, I can always download additional workouts like the Rosalie Brown workouts which mix things up and prevent boredom.

It tones your muscles: Apart from the weight loss, your arms, legs, glutes and core will get toned with maxi climber. It’s as good as a full body workout without compromising on cardiovascular strength or calorie burning.

What could have been better with Maxi Climber

All said and done, if given a chance, there are a few things that I would like to improve about it.

It is loud: When you are going full steam on the machine, it does tend to get a little loud. Once again, it’s not an annoying din. And definitely not something that cannot be masked with a good quality headphone. So, it’s nothing more than a minor niggle for me.

It’s hard to see the calorie counter: I certainly had a tough time keeping track of the calories using the integrated calorie and step counter. That’s because I tend to lean backwards as I climb and it’s too tiny anyway. And the more engrossed I am in the workout, the more difficult this tends to be. The workaround? My Fitbit workout armband. Problem solved.

It will need maintenance: If you are an occasional user who uses it once a week or less, then maybe you can skip reading this. But if you and your partner use it every single day, then ensure that you keep an eye on the poles and the plastic rollers. Just oil them regularly to avoid excessive friction. That’s not poor quality build. It’s just basic equipment maintenance 101.

You can follow this workout routine:

To sum it up

It’s been a month and a half since I started using the Maxi Climber and I have lost 26 lbs.

But am looking much better than I ever did. Here’s my before & after picture:

maxi climber results

My booty looks like it can kill and my legs look more toned than ever.

Along with the weight loss, it has made me more confident and fitter. But I also ate healthy and I gave it my 100%.

Will you still lose weight if you don’t eat in a calorie deficit and just workout using the Maxi Climber?

Sure. You will.

But you will lose a lot more if you eat healthy along with your daily Maxi Climber workouts.

If you are one of the few who is skeptical about the Maxi Climber after reading fake reviews and listening to naysayers, then put all doubts to rest and go ahead and buy it already from here

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