Vitiligo is a rare skin condition which causes white patches to appear on different parts of the body.

I know how depressing it feels when your appearance changes as one of my closest friend was suffering from same condition.

So, I am going share with you how to cure vitiligo in 30 days naturally by describing what worked in treating vitiligo and what didn’t.

What Is Vitiligo ?

Vitiligo is a skin disorder in which spots of skin start to lose their pigments. It first starts to appear on the skin which are exposed to sunlight. Vitiligo may also affect hairs and can also appear inside nose & mouth.

The extend to which color loss appears is not exactly known. The condition is not contagious nor harmful but it does create a physiological, emotional stress.



The exact cause for vitiligo is unknown. But most of the researchers have concluded that vitiligo occurs when Melanocytes ( cells responsible for making pigments) die or they stop making melanin. Melanin is a pigment which is responsible for giving color to your skin, eyes and hair.

The reason which causes Melanocytes to die or stop making the required pigment may be due to following reasons:

1. Auto immune disease – In this disease, the immune system thinks that your body is infected by a disease and starts to attack. In vitiligo, the immune system attacks the melanocytes in the skin.

2. It is a genetic related – which means that if your family has a history of this disease then you are likely to inherit this condition too

3. A event that may trigger this disease to occur. Following may be the events but not limited to stressful lifestyle, sunburn, getting exposed to harmful chemicals.



As I said before one my closest friend was suffering from vitiligo. I was there with him as it was the lowest point in his life. As soon as we found the symptoms we went to skin specialist (Dermatologist). As the vitiligo had spread to most parts of his body doctor recommended following possible treatments.


Topical Creams:

Ointments containing corticosteriod: This cream is responsible for controlling the inflammation. It helps the affected patches of skin to recover color. However, It works only when you use it in the early phase of the condition and it takes severals month to see some improvement.

It is easy to apply but the disadvantage is that it causes the skin to become aged & dry. This condition is called skin thinning.

Ointments containing tacrolimus: This cream has an affect on the immune system. It cures patches of depigmentation on areas of face.

It doesn’t have side effects like corticosteriods but it’s continuous usage may cause skin cancer



Light Therapy: This treatment is used to bring back the original color of the affected patches of skin. This works by using a combination of psoralen (a substance obtained from plants) & UV-A or UV-B Light. You are exposed to mentioned lights once you take psoralen orally.

This treatment has to be done 3 times in a week and must continue using it for around 12 months. The side effects include swelling, itchy skin.

Depigmentation: This is a treatment in which the unaffected skin is made to match the color of the affected patches. It is done so that the natural color and affected patches of skin blend. You should only do this if the vitiligo is wide spread.

The disadvantage is that you are always sensitive to light and this treatment has to be done twice a day for over 12 months.



These treatments are the most costliest ones. First is skin transplant. In this treatment, the small portion of healthy skin is removed and applied to the patches of skin that have been affected by vitiligo. This is only useful if affected patches are very small. Risks include infection, problem in matching skin tone.

The other treatment is called micro pigmentation. In this, the doctor implants pigment in the skin with the help of special tool. The downfall is that this can lead to vitiligo in healthy skin and sometimes, it is difficult to match the color tone.

Now, we know all the above methods would be costing around $10,000 to $15,000 for 1 year of treatment and there was no guarantee that the vitiligo could be 100% cured or even improved. So, we had to look for some other ways.


Natural Treatments:

The other day my friend got call from the family doctor and he suggested to use Michael Dawson’s Natural Vitiligo Treatment. The doctor recommended this program as it was cost effective and this was the only way to naturally cure vitiligo and it could be cured in 3 weeks to 5 weeks. (Mostly cured in around 30 days).

So, we both went ahead and started our research and found that Michael Dawnson is a Biomedical researcher, nutrition specialist. He himself was a vitiligo sufferer & had started this program as the traditional system were too costly and had adverse side effects.

He put in several years researching about vitiligo and found natural ways to deal with this skin condition. The Natural Vitiligo Treatment System is an ebook which focuses on removing vitiligo by fixing the root cause of the problem.

After reading many reviews of the other people who have used it, we did find that many people were able to cure it within 3 weeks and it worked for the majority of the users (ballpark 90%) and for some, their conditions improved.


Natural Vitiligo Treatment System:

cure vitiligo naturally

We called in the decision and bought the ebook for $175 at that time though many people said that it was available for $37 as some offer was going on. The reason we bought it because it was a natural treatment and was a cheaper way to treat vitiligo as compared to spending $10,000 for traditional treatment.


Here’s a coupon I found while going through other forums. You can find the coupon link over here

This makes the ebook available at $37 instead of $175.


What Did The Ebook Contain ?

The ebook claims that vitiligo and our lifestyle is connected. The way to permanently remove vitiligo is to get proper nutrition & perform lifestyle changes which in turn boost immune system. This way you are curing without any dangerous methods as mentioned above. The ebook is of 60 pages and contains the following:

1. The food that contains harmful elements that causes vitiligo.

2. The connection between vitiligo & immune system.

3. Treatments that can exacerbate the skin condition.

4. Most important vitamins & minerals to consume for eradicating vitiligo.

5. Why medical treatment will never help you overcome this condition.

6. Things to avoid doings to prevent recurring of vitiligo

7. Following healthy lifestyle & diet to treat vitiligo

8. Cosmetics products that can lead to breakout of vitiligo

9. Step by step way to re-pigment skin

10. Combination of holistic & natural foods to effectively treat vitiligo in few days


What’s the result ?

So, yes my buddy strictly followed all the changes mentioned in the book. Initially it was difficult for him to follow strict diet changes but it did become his regular routine.

He was able to cure vitiligo in 30 days (90% cured). His face, legs and hands were completely back to normal in 4 weeks but the patches were left on his back.

Quite a big improvement by only spending $175 and yes he did purchased some more of the book. Total cost was around $200. I suggest before going for costly treatment you should go for this natural treatment.

I did find a working coupon link which makes the ebook available at $37 instead of $175. You can find on this coupon website: