Most of you will agree that anything that you get for free is nothing but pure bliss. There are 2 ways by which you can get free gift cards like paypal cash, amazon codes & much more:

1. The first is by getting cashback points when you shop & then redeeming for any choice of gift card

2. The second method is, what I will be talking about in the article, by signing up for a free reward program where you get paid for playing games, completing surveys or trial offers. You can expect to Get $15 Gift Card Daily.


There are various criteria to choosing a reward program. This is important to consider as you need to make most of the time you put in. Following are the criteria:

1. Reward programs require you to collect points by completing some task. Once you reach a minimum set of points then you can exchange for a gift card. So, you should choose a program that has the best “points to exchange” ratio.

2. A wide range of gift cards should be available. Atleast, the reward program should provide paypal cash, amazon gift card, play store credits & steam gift cards.

3. A good referral program that gives you lifetime commission rather than just a one time bonus. This is necessary as this will allow you to generate passive income. I will talk about it later in the article.

4. It should provide different set of offers like download offers, surveys, game offers & trial offers.

Don’t worry I have already done the heavy lifting of finding the app that meets the above criteria. The app is called BIGCASH. It is available on playstore. Lets dive into more details of the app in the next section.


Before talking about this app. Let me show you proof of the $15 Google Play Card that I redeemed. of the $15 Google Play Card that I redeemed.

google play gift card

Also I had been paid good number of times via paypal. Here’s proof

paypal gift card proof

Here’s are the things I find great about this app:

bigcash app banner

1. This app has the best exchange ratio. While most apps give you $1 for 500 to 1000 points. This app gives you $15 for 2500 coins ( Their inapp currency is called coins) I never found any app with such awesome exchange ratio.

2. It has the best support team dedicated for solving any issue. Their support team is really friendly and their reply time is 12 hours but mostly they reply almost immediately.

3. They support good number of gift cards. I have mostly used paypal, amazon & google play cards. They do lack gift cards like walmart, burger king but that’s fine.

4. Their offers are high paying. I remember playing final fantasy game from offertoro that gave me 1700 coins for completing that task. Also, their trial offers are good too. They pay in the range of 800 to 1400 coins. The surveys payouts range from 100 coins to 1000 coins but it depends on your survey profile.

5. Here’s come the important part which is they give 20% Level 1 commission and 10% Level 2 Commission. Before using the referral system I was earning around $150 per month.

As I was more interested in generating a passive income I created a high quality youtube high quality video with proper SEO & guess what the video got above 40,000 views generating over 2000 invites. From Last 2 months, I am steadily earning above $1000. I have talked about this in the furthur sections about how you can use youtube to achieve these results.

invite earning proof

I mailed them to send the payment at the end of each month. This was the payment on 28th Feb 2018


What I don’t like about this app:

1. There is no iOS version of bigcash.

2. The videos are capped to 1300 videos per redeem. However, I never used them as it results in more time to achieve free gift card.


The goal is to reach 2500 coins quickly. Following are the offers are completed to ensure I earned coins as fast as possible:

1. As soon as I got into the app, I got 70 coins as a starting bonus. The next offer I completed was inviting 5 friends for 200 coins. I went ahead and spammed my friends to download the app and put my invite code. Now, I was having 270 coins.

2. The next offers I did was completing featured offers. I did find these offers to be really unique. So, they were basically download offers but with the guarantee that the coins will be credited in exactly one minute. So, there were around 4 offers I completed all of them and got 260 coins. Now, the total coins were 530.

3. There were some sharing offers where you had to share the app link on whatsapp group, facebook & twitter. So, I went ahead did all these simple task. Each sharing promised 30 coins. However, these were 1 time task only. I got 90 coins & now the total coins were 620.

4. Moving on, I did find “Email Submit Offers” to be interesting. Each offer promised 100 to 150 coins. The task in the offer was to complete a survey or a form. I did five of them, but got only credited for 2 of them. I got 300 coins from these offers. One thing you should know that if you are using invalid information then you will not get coins. Now, the total coins were 920.

5. Next offers I did was from Hot Offers: Offertoro. I decided to play game called Lords Mobile. It promised to give 956 coins. I went ahead, downloaded the game and played till I beat level 2 monster. This was the action I needed to achieve. Once done I was credited 956 coins. Now, the total coins were 1876.

6. I tried to complete surveys from adscendmedia but unfortunately no surveys was available for my survey profile. Adscendmedia had many trial offers, I went ahead and completed 2 offers HULU & Geeker. Both of them required to submit credit card and required to start a trial. I got 1100 coins for HULU & 875 coins for Geeker. Now, total coins were 3851.

7. I went ahead and redeemed $15 Paypal cash and received it within 24 hours. Do, remember they send a confirmation email. So, don’t forget to reply to that email.

8. You can repeat steps 5 & 6 as there are plenty of offers in them. I was able to redeem 10 to 12 gift cards. Sometimes, I got too lazy to work and that’s why I was able to redeem less number of gift cards.


The only way to increase my earning was to increase invites and the app was giving generous 20% commission. So, I decided to create video talking about bigcash app. Below are the steps I took to generate large number of views for my video:


Research Which Keywords To Target:

The most important in getting views is to take in consideration which keywords will you target. You need to choose keywords that have good number of searches. So, as bigcash offers multiple gift cards it would be wise to target keywords like “Free Gift Cards”, “Free Paypal Cash”, “Free Amazon Gift Card” & so on. You can generate more ideas using ubersuggest tool. Here’s the link

The tool not only gives you new keyword suggestions but also it gives the search volume per month. So, the searches for keyword “Free Gift Cards” is around 74,000. Great isn’t it!

ubersuggest keyword tool

Here’s the link to this tool: UBERSUGGEST

We will talk later about how to optimise the video to rank on these keywords. Now, just focus on choosing set of keywords to rank on.


Create High Quality Video:

The another important thing in ranking your video in youtube is that the people should be watching the video for longer period of time.

Youtube has officially quoted that “Your goal is keep audience retention as close to 100% as you can. Videos with consistently high audience retention & watch time have the potential to show up in search & suggestions.

So, here’s what I did to create high retention video:

1. I created video talking about how simple it is to get free gift cards with bigcash. In the introduction of the video, I just gave an overview about how we can earn free gift cards daily.

2. The next thing I talked about which offers I completed in bigcash so that we could accommodate coins quickly. Just remember talk directly about the topic. Never go off-topic as people may lose interest in your video. And Make sure to mention that people put your invite code if they found the video to be useful.

3. The length of the video should be more than 3 minutes. Just make sure you are not stretching the video, just keep it to the point.

That’s what is required to make a high retention video. No need for fancy camera stuff.


Optimising Video for SEO:

Once, you have decided which keywords to target and created video. Now, it is the time to optimise the video to be easily searchable in youtube.

Video Title:

The title of the video should include your main keyword. Make sure to include your keyword at the beginning. This gives a little boost in seo.

The next thing you should include is a catchy line that makes the user click the video. For Example: If your main keyword is “Free Gift Cards” then your title can be

Free Gift Cards: Easily Earn $15 Gift Cards Daily!!

So, we have included main keyword in the beginning and also added a catchy line after that. However, it is not necessary to include your main keyword at the beginning.

Lets take a look at some live examples:

youtube seo example

In the above image, the first title has main keyword “free paypal money” but also has added a catchy loop, “It actually works”. Such titles not only results into more clicks on your video but also your video starts popping into suggested video. This video has got above 800,000 views which is not bad for such small amount of effort.

One more thing you should keep in mind that the number of subscribers doesn’t matter to get good number of views. See, the second video in the above image it still got over 800,000 views even though the subscribers were only 8,591.


Video Description & Tags:

The video description must be around 300 words. Make sure to include your keyword during the first 50 words of the description & the keyword should be repeated around 2 to 4 times. Don’t make it look spammy though. Write the description in context to the topic. This helps youtube understand what is your video about. Also, don’t forget to drop in your invite code. So, that people can copy and paste it in the app.

Coming to the tags, they help in understanding the topic about your video. It plays important role in suggesting videos. So, here’s how I do it. The first tag is always the keyword I am targeting. Then add some tags related to your keyword. Never put any tags that are out of context. This will hurt your video visibility.

Here’s a video from a user reviewing Bigcash:

The final step is to starting sharing the videos on quora, forums, reddit. Make sure you never spam because you will get banned immediately. For example on quora, you can share your video link on questions that are related to free gift cards.

So, that’s all for now. Don’t worry just get started. There’s no perfect time for getting started. If you have any questions then feel free to ask me in the comments.