Most of us will agree that:

Music is always there whether you want to groove, dance or burn the dance floor. It not only makes you happy but also lets you live in that moment.


Starting your day with the earphones plugged into your phone can be quiet tedious especially when doing workouts. In addition, tangled wires not only leads to unimaginable frustration but there’s a risk of breaking the wires.

So, why let the wires spoil your happiness when you can switch to wireless one’s! Here are the 5 best wireless earbuds compiled for you covering different aspects.

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018:

Earphone NameRemarkScore 
JayBird X3 Editor's Pick8.8/10CHECK PRICE
Apple Airpods
The Best companion for iPhone users7.2/10CHECK PRICE
Bose SoundSport
Premium isn't cheap8.2/10CHECK PRICE
Samsung Gear IconX
Packed with awesome features7.6/10CHECK PRICE
Senso ActivBuds S-250
Budget Friendly Headphone8.4/10CHECK PRICE


Jaybird X3 Review

After the grand success of Jaybird Freedom, Jaybird have come up with a new range called Jaybird X3 wirless earphone with much lower price than its predecessor and better performance. If you want to make your active hours more happening, then these new pair are the must buy ones.

Design :-

Jaybird X3 has significantly improved over it’s predecessor X2 with regards to shape, size and battery. The earphones are packed with numerous fitting options consisting of 3 different sizes of wingtips, silicone tips & foam tips allowing you to create your perfect fit. Additionally, the wingtip locks to your outer ear making sure that it stays firm during powerful movements.

The earbuds now are helmet compatible as they are smaller in size as compared to X2. However, they become bulky after adding the wingtips and ear tips. The earbud casing are not made of metal but of plastic. Nevertheless, the look and feel is still good. Just like the X2, X3 is sweat proof.

The control module or the mic on the X3 is bigger as compared to X2 as this time it bags a bigger battery. This time a proprietary clip is required to charge the earphones rather than direct micro USB port which is a major hit to portability. The clip attaches to the back of control module. There’s no visual indicator for battery levels. So, you have to rely on the voices indicating the battery levels and power status.

Performance :-

Jaybird X3 provides a battery performance of 8 hours which is the best among all the wireless earbuds. The microphone quality is acceptable & provides a good sound isolation. The earphones are powered by 6mm drivers. Thereby, delivering exceptional sound quality on the default sound profile (Sound profile can be changed through MySound app).

Advanced Feature :-

Personalization of things is always a thumbs up by humans, Jaybird made use of this tendency and uplifted the music experience by providing an app called Jaybird MySound, easy to use and its setting is saved across devices. With this app you can tweak your equalizer according to your own choice. It is available both at Android and Apple stores. Users are happy using this app no complaints. Additionally, the earphone supports bluetooth version 4.1 that allows it to be paired to 2 devices simultaneously.


1. Amazing battery life
2. Comfortable fit
3. Robust Design
4. Companion app for adjusting sound profiles on the fly
5. High quality sound


1. Requires Proprietary clip for charging

Verdict :-jaybird x3 rating


Apple Airpods Review

This time Apple has taken the initiative to cut the wires from earphones. With the release of iPhone7, Apple also revealed Airpods which are truly wireless earphones. Let’s see do they live upto the hype!!!

Design :-

It is fully wireless so bye bye to tangling. The airpods is similar to earpod design so you can now understand whether it will fit in your ear or not. Well if its not fitting you can get a pair of silicone tips or wings to tackle this.

The earbuds comes with a charging case & is pretty handy. You just simply need to open the case to pair with you iphone and a pop up comes on your phone asking to connect. Just tap on connect and then the airpods will be connected to every device signed in with iCloud account. This simple pairing is only because of W1 chip. For pairing with Android devices there is a small button at the back of the case.

There is a small LED inside the case that will indicate the battery life. If the led is green then its fully charged, if orange then it is in the mid and red indicating dead need to charge the battery again. Dont need to worry of remembering this color codes there is a widget so you can also check battery life of your case and airpod on yout phone.

Performance :-

The airpods deliver you a battery life of 5 hours and in case if it finishes you can recharge them by keeping them back in the case, Apple states that this case provides charging of 24 hours. Microphone works well.

The sound quality have decent bass and you can listen to ambient noise. The phone calls are clear and loud. The mids sounds terrific but needs improvement on the lows and highs.

Advanced features :-

The apple airpods comes with proximity sensors so if you just remove one of the buds, the song pauses and when you put it back in your ear it starts playing the song again. In case you want to raise the volume you will have to double tap on the airpods and ask Siri to raise volume.

The double tap feature helps you to turn on Siri that might be useful while navigation. You can change the setting of double tap as you require using your settings section in your phone.


1. Strong connection that never drops.
2. Makes use of the latest W1 bluetooth Chip that makes pairing easy.
3. The charging cases powers up the airpods quickly.
4. Ultralight weight.


1. Average sound quality.
2. Doesn’t fit all ear types.

Verdict :-

apple airpods rating

Bose Soundsport Review

Bose is prominently known for the audio devices that it brings to the market. People all over the world are ready to pay, to get the best audio experience. Bose without compromising the sound quality have brought a range of semi wireless earphones, Bose SoundSport.

Design :-

The Bose SoundSport is a improved revision over it’s wired version. It is packed with limited fitting options consisting of 2 different sizes of StayHear+ tips. The earphones are big and there is a unusual prutruding of earphones which feels like they will fall out of ears. However, they don’t thanks to the StayHear+ tips.

In contrast to the wired soundsport which were lightweight, wireless soundsport are bulky. That’s obvious as the bluetooth component and the battery had to be adjusted somewhere. The earbuds are made up of plastic and they look decent. They are designed to be sweat and water resistant.

The right earbud has a single button on top of it which is responsible for powering and pairing the earphones. The earbud provides a visual indication about pairing and power status. The earphone has the control module for playback controls and mic. It charges through direct micro USB cable.

Performance :-

Bose SoundSport lasts for around 5 to 6 hours until it dies out. Bose assures that a 15 minute charge will provide 1 hour usage. So, that’s a plus point to the earphone. SoundSport can be connected via bluetooth easily (irrespective of android or iphone) or via NFC if a compatible device exists. It provides a decent range of 30 feet. Make sure that phone is strapped to arm so that there is no break in connection.

The Bose SoundSport crushes all the competitors in terms of sound performance. Bose has been known well for it’s amazing sound quality and soundsport doesn’t fail to deliver the same. It delivers good bass and acceptable mid & high ranges.

Advanced :-

As stated earlier, the soundsport can deliver battery life of around 1 hour on a charge of just 15 minutes. This can be life saving for some users. If you decide to go for the SoundSport Pulse version, you’ll get heart rate monitor functionality within the earphone. However, you will need to use a third party fitness app like Runkeeper, Strava to make better use of the HRM.


1. Excellent sound quality.
2. Prolonged use isn’t a issue.
3. Acceptable battery life.
4. Sweat and water resistant.
5. 15 minutes charge can give 1 hour of usage.


1. Earphones are quiet bulky.

Verdict :-

bose soundsport rating


Samsung Gear IconX Review

Chopping the wires are in trend, so Samsung family have introduced fully wireless earphone, Samsung Gear IconX. Samsung Gear IconX provides an elegant fit as compared to its competitors. This piece from Samsung is packed with high audio performance, amazing fit, stylish design, in built heart rate monitoring.

Design :-

The Samsung Gear IconX are way better than Apple airpods in terms of fit. The iconx comes with earbuds of small, medium and large size alongwith wings to give you secure fit. It comes with a capsule shaped case that is a case cum charger wherein you can place your earbuds and get it charged. The case have a flat touch sensitive surface that can be used to perform different actions:

Single tap : Play/pause music

Double tap : Next track/answer/end calls

Triple tap : Previous track

Swipe : Volume up/down

Tap and hold : Workout/ambient mode

LEDs on the case will help you to understand the charging status. The earbuds are sweatproof and water resistant that will make you go miles without any hassle. There are pretty cool features that I will discuss in the advanced feature section.

Performance :-

If you are a gym freak or a runner, battery performance might not be an issue if you want to use if for an hour or two because the earbuds delivers a performance of 3.5 hours when streaming from the inbuilt storage and 1.5 hours when streaming directly from phone. I know this is awful but the reason for low battery performance might be the heart rate monitor function in built into the tiny earbuds.

The sound quality is more superior than the Apple airpods. The call quality is clear. The highs and mids are working fine, lows require fine tuning.The microphone works great.

Advanced features :-

The Iconx comes with built in storage of 4GB so if you dont want to carry your phone, you can easily make use of the internal storage. For the transfer of music you will have to make use of the USB.

There is a heart rate sensor and activity monitor inbuilt, you can make full use of these features using S health or other 3rd party activity/workout tracking apps from Play Store or Apple store to track the daily activity.⁠


1. Excellent sound quality.
2. Prolonged use isn’t a issue.
3. Acceptable battery life.
4. Sweat and water resistant.
5. 15 minutes charge can give 1 hour of usage.


1. Earphones are quiet bulky.

Verdict :-

samsung gear icon x rating


Senso ActivBuds S 250 Review

Here comes the most budget friendly from all of the above, long lasting one Senso S ActivBuds 250. A newbie in the marketplace, Senso S250 provides rich audio quality, long battery hours, pocket friendly price. Read the review to know more about it.

Design :-

The Senso S 250 resembles Jabra x3. It is partially wireless earphones with a small tough connector connecting the earbuds. The earphones come only in one color that is black. It provide a very secure fit that pacify the way of doing any activity with full pleasure. The best part is this one’s are IPX7 water proof so you can use it even while swimming.

Senso S 250 is sweatproof that is already common in all the wireless earphones. Various size ear tips are available inside the box, medium was suitable for us.

Performance :-

The biggest plus point of s250 earphones is the battery life. Battery life of 8 playback hours. This is what excited me the most!!! The sound is crisp and clear. No complaints with the call quality. The Bluetooth connectivity covers range of 30 ft, so even if you want to keep the phone away from yourself during your active hours you can do this easily with no lag, no disturbance in your music experience.

Advanced Features :-

As mentioned in the design, the earbud is IPX7 certified which means it is waterproof. So, you can take with you without checking the weather. Well, we found this feature good for such a cheaply price wireless headphones.


1. Pocket friendly price.
2. Long battery life.
3. 30ft Bluetooth range.
4. Water resistant.
5. IPX7 rating.


1. Some might not like the fitting of the earphones.

Verdict :-

senso activbuds s 250 rating


Looking to buy some other earbuds but don’t know what criterias to look for ? Well, follow our guide that will help you make the right decision. The guide has been broken into 3 main criterias:



When looking for earphones, one of the important thing to consider is the fit of the earphones. Ensure that the earphones comes with various tips to ensure they stay firm in your ear and also provide noise isolation. This is important as we donot want the earphones to fall out during any physical movements.


The next thing you need to look out for is the comfort. You need to make sure you choose earphones that are lightweight or atleast ensure that earphones doesn’t add weight to ears. Otherwise wearing bulky ones will often result in paining of earphones which is a big hit for prolonged use.


You can go for any type of earphone whether it has plastic body or metal body. However, confirm that the look and feel of the earphone is decent. The next thing you to need to check is that the earphones should be sweat/water resistance. If you are not a fitness freak then you can ignore the latter. Make sure the earphone has a mic and has module for remote playback controls.


The earphones you choose must be able to indicate the power status and pairing status visually or through the in-ear voice otherwise you will always be confused in determining power/pairing status.



Battery is one of the important things you need to consider in terms of performance. No matter how great the sound quality is but it is waste if the earphones can’t last long. A decent wireless earphone should perform atleast 5 to 6 hours. Another thing you need to keep in mind is how much time the earphones take to be completely charged. Just in the list we covered above, Bose earphones can be charged for 15 minutes to give 1 hour of usage.


While choosing earphones assure that they have atleast bluetooth 4.0 version and above. Most of the latest earphones have bluetooth version 4.0. The better the bluetooth version the better the connection will be.

Sound Quality:

This is what you buy earphones for! So, make sure they have a decent bass, good mids and highs. Ensure that even at full volume, the sound doesn’t blare.


Special features are like cherry on the cake. If possible do look out for some special features. Some of the features you can lookout are quick charging, proximity sensors, sound profiles. Do note that there will be hardly any earphone with all the features just mentioned. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links mentioned in our reviews.